Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Hired Hit Man

        There once was a girl and her little sister playing outside in the yard. There was this car that kept driving around the block, slowing down more and more every time he’d drive in front of the house.
            The older girls name was Amie and her little sister was Joy. They were eleven and six years of age. They best of friends, when one went someplace the other one would have to go along with.
            The car finally came to an abrupt stop. A tall slender gentlemen got out, and stepped toward the fence. I was listing from across the street, and could hear everything the man had said. He asked with a harsh loud voice “Can I see your mom please.”
            The two girls looked at each other. Scared they ran up the steps, and into the kitchen where there mom was baking an apple pie. The six year old ran to her mom’s feet and tugged at her apron, and said “mom, there is a guy outside for you."
            The mom went to the door. The man was on the porch by this point and scared the hell out of her. She then told him to come in. Scared she went to the living and sat on the couch. They kids went and played outside in the sandbox. There was a loud scream coming from inside.
            The girls ran to the front door, it was locked. They ran to the back door and that was locked as well. The girls started to get worried about their mom. Then the guy came out fifteen minutes later. He then pulled the girls by their hair to the car.
              I called the cops and told them that there was a man, across the street from me that kidnapped two little girls after going inside “to talk to their mother.”  I told them that I heard a blood curdling scream from the inside of the house, the car the man left in with the kids was dark blue, and the license plate read “9feg08,” and was from Idaho. I also told them that I had never seen the car or the man there before. I also told them the ladies address, 852 south Washington.
            The cops finally came five minutes later. One came and questioned me, then the others went to the house. The one that came and questioned me asked a bunch of questions.
            One of the cops that went to the house that the scream came from. Came over to my house. He had a scared look on his face, he was pail with fear, with his voice shaking he said “I found the lady that screamed, face down, with a slit in her through and the jugular vein stabbed.”
            My face turned white, my thoughts switched to we got to find the girls, and the man. I ran to the house and got my jacket by the time I came back out. They were putting up the yellow tape up around the house.  I got into my car, and drove around the city trying to find the car. I cried because I couldn’t find it.
            I was thinking to myself. Who could that man have been? Why would he have been in that house? Why why why?
            The cops where there until about eleven thirty that night searching her laptop, the house, her car, and everything she owned. They found the knife that was used to kill her. They found large finger prints on the knife and took it into a forensic lab to get the finger prints examined. They also found an email from the girls’ father. Which stated that the girls would soon be in his custody and she would be DEAD.
            They then searched her cell phone for the dad’s number. They didn’t know the dads name so they had to look for someone that knew the guy. They found her moms and dads number. The cop called her mom and dad. The cop said “Your daughter died. She was found dead in her house. Your granddaughters where kidnapped as well.”
            Her parents gasped and started to cry. They said they would catch a plane as soon as possible. They also told the cops that her ex-husband could have played a big part of her death. He could have hired, a hit man, the cops asked them what his name was. They replied Jimmy Smith. There was two Jims in her phone, and then they found, Jim S. they called him and they asked him if he knew were Amie, and Joy where.
            He said “No. what happened to them?” At this point he sounds upset and angry that they were questioning him.
            The cops asked “where he lived?”
            Jim replied “Fifty-five North in apartment six.”
            The next day they issued a search warrant, and they went to Jim’s apartment. They found a letter that stated that he was hiring a guy to go get his kids and that his wife needed to be taken care of.
            The cops demanded the Jim tell them were the girls were and the hit man. They also took him in jail.
            Jim told them “that the girls were in his brothers basement were they were locked in. and the hit man was his brother Brandon.”
            They went to Brandon’s house and got the girls. The girls were delighted to see someone to help them. Brandon was put in jail and the prison along with Jim. They did 10 to life.
            The custody of the girls was given to their moms parents. They had a nice funeral for their mom who was cremated. They then cleared out there mom’s house. They cried the whole time. They would never forget their mom. They would always love her.

             They went back to California with their grandparents, they were in rolled in school there were they made a lot of friends, and did a lot of sports. They always shared their story of their mom’s death and that it was really scary to get kidnapped like that.

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